This year my husband and I often traveled abroad with friends and on business purposes. Airplanes, railways, new faces, foreign languages Finally, we got tired of this variety and longed for something native. Somebody suggested going to Tsauli, the place with the largest park in Moldova.

We reached Tsauli, which is located in the north of the country, close to Drochia, within two hours. I did not understand why it is called a village it looks more than a small town. Large, green, with broad streets and beautiful high buildings in the center. Architecturally, these buildings reminded me Smolnyi (Russia). We stayed with our relatives, who aggressively started improving us. They used all possible measures home made cheese and yogurt, new milk and potatoes fried in lard Calmed down with home made food and good weather, we decided to go to the Tsauli park.

Once there was the house of boyar Pommer here. More precisely summer cottage. While walking along the beautiful brick fence, age of which exceeded 100 years, I understood that I would be happy to have such a summer cottage. And getting in the main entrance of the park I realized that, now, I will hardly visit Sofievka Park in Umani, one of my favorite places in Ukraine, as often as before. Marvelous summer residence of the Pommers family reminds the houses from the fairy tales that were painted by Vasnetsov, while dense net of alleys invites to the mysterious lower part of the park that looks more like a forest than a park.

The park was created on the project of the landscape architect Vladislavskii-Padalko, well-know person at those times. The experts say that the Tsauli park is the most romantic work of the architect. Walking there, our company pretended to be experts in flora and fauna. But it appeared that most of the trees, bushes, flowers and singing birds are unknown to us. However, this was not surprising, since later we found out that the local collection amounts for more than 150 kinds of trees, bushes and lianas, with more than 100 of them being exotic ones. To all appearances, both Pommer and Vladislavskii-Padalko were people infatuated with nature at least, we found out plants representing various geographic latitudes and climatic conditions. And the length of alleys, paths and walks is about 13 km. Well, we were walking and walking all these paths and, unexpectedly, faced the lake.

It started drizzling. The water very pure to my pleasure has covered with small ripples. This, however, did not frighten the fishermen, and only forced the frogs to sing louder. The warmth came from the water; we did not endure and went swimming. Then, we fanatically took pictures pictures of us with reed, trees or Pommers residence as a background; pictures of butterflies and frogs; pictures of flowers and lake Well, we behaved as a normal city dweller, who escaped to the nature, would behave. The local guys narrated that some time ago there was beautiful pergola in the middle of the lake the place of Pommers romantic rendezvous. And the tracery bridge served as a path to it from the bank. It is a pity that there is no more pergola already it had not survived during the transition period, and now we can see it only in the pictures.

This walk took about four hours, but we did not manage to see all. The way back to the village was very hard the body poisoned with excess of oxygen refused to go! They say, that somebody will soon get the park into rent and will place there a health center. I hope, so. If it is true, I will be the first client of this health center. But even if it is wrong, our family will come here more than once. Moreover, I believe Tsauli is ideal for agro tourism! Do you know what is casa mare? It is a beautiful house in the yard, but the owners usually do not live there. It is intended for having guests, hosting special events and just for beauty. So, in case if the health center will not be open soon, our family will stay is one of such casa mare, as there are many of them in Tsauli (one in each yard) and will improve our health with the help of Tsauli air, new milk and potatoes!


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