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Бесплатное тепло
отопители производствен-
ных и складских помещений, использущие в качестве топлива
отработаное масло...

Test & Garage Equipment
Компания Simpesfaip
была создана
в апреле 1995
в результате слияния компании Simpes...

Konforma Thermobile Industries B.V. is one of the most advanced European manufacturers of removable heaters of premises with the worldwide trading and service network. All heaters Thermobile are entirely developed and produced in Breda City (Holland).

The combination more than 30-years experience, intensively researching work and standardization of details and diapason of prodused goods have promoted that heaters Thremobile now are applied to the diversified purposes worldwide.


Stationary heaters on the used oil with tap of a smoke (AT/ATA)

Stationary heaters with tap of a smoke, 100 % cleanliness, absence of a smell and practically sootless combustion of motor oil, hydraulic liquids, etc.

Are very economic in operation due to economy of charges on fuel;
Burning without a smell;
High efficiency;
A wide choice of opportunities of application and productivity;
Models АТ can be maintained also on a mix of used oil and diesel fuel.
- Models АТА can be maintained also on standard oil or diesel fuel.

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Company "AD REM" SRL is оfficial distributor of Konforma Thermobile products.

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